We are striving to bring inspiration and trust to every team in the world

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand team potential. We do that by creating innovative tools for developing teams’ empathy, creativity, and confidence. By making our product more sustainable, we make a positive impact in all communities where we live and work.


KissTheFrogNOW was built out of a belief in the importance of developing teams as groups of people that trust each other. We truly believe that this faith helps each of us to be creative, to grow as a person and as a part of the community.

People are different. Тhe way we experience things is different. Each of us deals with the challenges of life in our own way. Therefore, we have more than one right solution and many different perspectives from which to look at things. Despite our differences, each of us belongs to these 3 communities: the family, the team at the workplace, the community in which we live.

That is why we believe that with KissTheFrogNOW, we could change the world – the most significant community we all belong to – and make it a better place!

Let’s live and work in harmony with one another!

We started the project KissTheFrogNOW with the idea to help teams in their everyday life and efforts to achieve their goals. And gradually, it became our passion for improving organizations social environment.

Veselina Kupenova

Founder and inspiring manager, KissTheFrogNOW.com


In early 2010, as emotional intelligence became a hot topic, many businesses realized that they have to improve their social environment. So, a few years later in 2017, a team of HR professionals, psychologists, and creatives (who also happened to be friends) sat around a small office table in Sofia, Bulgaria, South Europe, to design the easiest to use team developing tool.
A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other. Simon Sinek

Where does the name Kiss The Frog NOW come from?

The Frog Prince is a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

You haven’t read it for a long time, have you? But we bet that when you close your eyes, you can still imagine the beautiful princess and the ugly frog. The gentle kiss transforms the small green frog into a handsome young prince right before your eyes. The Frog Prince is a story that teaches, entertains, inspires and encourages change. We did not stumble upon it by chance, not by chance at all.

And that is why the name is magical – it’s all about the change we can believe in, now!

Meet the team

We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create KissTheFrogNOW – a team-building tool that connects people, just like you.

We love what we do, and who we do it with.

These pictures are from the launch party where all our professionals were invited – psychologist, coaches, HR specialists, product designers, illustrators, graphics designer, wood box makers, facilitators. Almost 40 people take part in development, usability testing and validation of the KissTheFrogNOW concept.

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