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BlackFridayBanner KissTheFrogNOW

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the 2021 KissTheFrogNOW Black Friday deal

1. The discount works as follows: a total of 50% off will be applied to purchases of KissTheFrogNOW when using the code BF50.

2. Our Black Friday promotion is only valid for purchases of KissTheFrogNOW made from 12 p.m. CST on November 21, 2021, through noon CST on November 30, 2021. Mark your calendars!

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Inside the box

  • a guideline book
  • a wooden box with card slots
  • a deck of cards TeamGames with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards PersonalQuestions with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards Discussions with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards Illustrations with 30 main cards
  • a bag with 3 sets of 6 crayons each
  • a bag with a team totem set of 24 separate parts
  • a blank paper notes
  • a magic tables card
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