How To Get People In The Office Engaged For Team Building Games?

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Business meetings are important, but you do not want them to be dreadfully boring.

Even worse, you do not want them to give your employees the wrong idea about your company and discourage them from working hard or giving it their all.

Keep your staff engaged with these team building games that get people in the office involved and have fun at the same time!

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Team building games are a great way to allow your staff to bond and work together in the office, rather than just sitting around and staring at each other all day.

These simple games help break down barriers, allow people to get to know each other on a more personal level, and let team members feel like they can contribute in creative ways.

Plus, they are just fun! You can even make them competitive so that they do not feel like they are just going through the motions of having fun with no real payoff or goal in mind.

Office team building games

The office is a busy, distracting place – and often, it is hard for teams (especially new ones) to bond.

It is essential to schedule regular team building games with your colleagues to fix that.

These exercises will not only help you bond as a team; they will also increase morale and make work less stressful.

It can be challenging for employees on a team to connect.

How can you fix that problem? Play some fun team building games! You might think that team-building exercises are cheesy and contrived, but they do not have to be. Read here this great Forbes article on how you could increase engagement and build strong teams.

team-building games

Office team building

How can you get your team engaged? By adding some fun, new activities, and games for your office.

You may not think about a few of these activities as team building, but they are a sure way to bring people together and make them work as a unit rather than individuals who happen to be working from the same office space.

These activities tend to work best when done at least once per month, so factor that into your planning if you have a small team. Here are 13 awesome KissTheFrogNOW team building games that will get everyone to work together – these are pre-made team building designs that you can play at the office for 2 hours each month. Just choose one for your next office gathering and help your employees bring together, find collective solutions, and develop their communicative skills, concentration, and creativity.

KissTheFrogNOW is a fantastic way to engage your employees. It has four decks with different games, a deck for Team Games, one for Personal Questions, one for Discussion starters, and finally, one full of Illustrations.

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Envision your outcome!

When brainstorming team-building ideas, it is important to envision what you want your outcome to be.

Do you want participants to laugh aloud? Do you want them rolling their eyes at each other?

Knowing what results you want will guide you towards choosing a team-building activity that is appropriate and effective.

You can even test different activities before deciding which one fits best with your goals! What better way to get people engaged than testing drive from boredom – to excitement – and beyond?

Test new games to see how participants react and modify as needed.

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Let them be part of the process!

It can be not accessible at times, but it is best to involve your employees in company activities and events.

By doing so, you let them know that they are an essential part of your organisation. Plus, team-building activities keep everyone on your staff on their toes as they prepare together.

There are many ways to get people involved and excited about participating in your event, from fun scavenger hunts to intense team competitions.

Just remember: Your staff does not need a lot of time out of their busy schedules; if you can make things short and sweet (45 minutes or less), then do it!

Try to hold team-building exercises once a week or every other week.

This will keep everyone feeling connected and actively involved with one another. For some great team-building ideas, check out our pre-made team building canvas designs here.

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Use games with different themes!

One thing that makes office team building games so effective is that they help employees break out of their comfort zones.

Not only will these games give your employees a chance to try something new, but they will also make it easier for everyone in your office to get involved with each game.

Considering how much some companies spend on team-building workshops and retreats, choosing a low-cost option like an office scavenger hunt is an excellent way to improve morale without breaking the bank.

Many larger organisations even offer intranet pages where employees can submit proposals for events such as a year-end treasure hunt open to anyone who wants to go in on it.

This keeps things competitive and gives participants another good reason to stay engaged at work – because who does not love a game?

With KissTheFrogNOW, team members need to be convinced because they are already motivated by fun activities.

With all due respect to learning objectives, participants do not show up just because they have gotten nothing better to do (at least most of them).

So, we have created an environment that boosts motivation instead of destroying it.

Most people enjoy doing tasks that require their mental engagement – exercises challenge our brains, making them stronger!

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Recruit and motivate team members!

Of course, all of that might be easier said than done.

If you are having trouble getting your employees excited about playing games at work, it might be because they are less concerned about winning and more worried about how they will look to their peers when doing so.

There is no easy solution but remember that most people do not want to be seen as losers. When developing team building games, make sure you select activities where players are not necessarily expected to win or lose – and refrain from tagging winners and losers if possible (unless you want people on their toes).

You also want to keep things fun; focus on silly or lighthearted games instead of physical contests such as tug-of-war.

Showing off leadership abilities can go a long way toward improving team morale too, so try not to hog all your group’s votes and let other people share in leadership responsibilities.

Finally, foster an atmosphere of collaboration rather than where everyone is going head-to-head against each other.

At least initially, set aside real competition until after groups have built camaraderie among themselves. Winning should not come before building meaningful relationships anyway!

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Remember, all it takes is one person to take charge!

Team building games are one of the most common ways people try to bring their team together.

These activities are great because they allow people to get outside of their routine, work-focused bubble and connect in a way that feels more like fun than work.

But if your goal is engagement, you need someone from your team who is willing and able to take charge.

Do not just hope that someone will step up – encourage them with words like: You have such natural energy about you; it would be perfect for you to take the lead on getting us involved in some activities that could help us bond as a group.

We all have different strengths and personality types, so making sure there is an opportunity for everyone to feel included is key.

And when we feel included, we work better together as a team!

We value what you say here, so why don’t you share your opinion? It might seem strange at first – after all, no one else has offered an idea yet – but once there has been a break in the ice and people see how much their boss or supervisor values them, they will naturally begin to speak up again.

team building games

Remember your common goal!

Fun! You might think people in your office do not get along or are just plain dull, but it is your job to make sure everyone feels like they belong.

That is why it is important you find ways of bringing everybody together at work and having some good old-fashioned fun.

This kind of engagement at work is contagious and will make employees want to show up more often – after all, what is a day without some laughs?

And remember, team building activities can be adapted to any size office: if you are working with 10 people, use two teams; if you have 50 people on board, opt for five teams; there is no right or wrong number when it comes to choosing teams to ensure that each team has a range of age groups and personalities involved.

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With so many ideas, what are you waiting for? Visit KissTheFrogNOW and get your decks right now and make a friendly environment for your employees.

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