How To Structure Winning Team Building Ideas: The 3-Step Method

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Do you often imagine how you are on top of your game with every team building session? The colleagues become more cohesive, and everyone is having a great time with your brilliant team building ideas.

Things are a little different in reality… and more complicated. Having great sessions requires experience and methodology. Here’s a simple model you can follow to structure them and maintain a lively work environment:

  • Motivate team members to participate and be active during the facilitation
  • Engage them to such an extent that they lose track of time
  • Encourage their efforts and give them kudos for the hard work

Let’s dig deeper and understand how to implement this approach in your team development strategy.

Teambuilding ideas for large corporations


Team building ideas for large corporations

Corporations are associated with a formal atmosphere and a sense of seriousness. Team members may feel pressured to fit in and meet certain criteria.

In the big business there things that seem too big and the idea of getting to know everyone sounds like an impossible task. The role of team building programs is to enable employees at all corporate levels to work as one big team.

Holding sessions with over 20 people is both a challenge and an adventure. You can approach the situation in both ways:

  1. Divide the large group into smaller ones according to the game they have chosen
  2. Keep the big group together and go to the beach for example. Spend time together and have fun without following a set schedule of activities.

The elements of good motivational team building Ideas

Here are some important elements of a team program that can empower positive emotions and motivate:

  • Have fun! Do not underestimate the value of entertainment.
  • Set goals and find activities that focus your efforts on achieving them.
  • Use imagination! Create a program that requires everyone to be resourceful and to look for non-standard solutions to problems.
  • Put what you have learned into your daily teamwork practice. This ensures that team-building activities will deliver real value.

‘There is only one way… to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.’ Dale Carnegie

Read this article to find out how to understand and manage emotion in teams: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Create a team building activities schedule

Prepare a program for the week where:

  • Colleagues can fill in with activity suggestions
  • You (the team leader) will announce the time of the sessions
  • The necessary tools/accessories are listed

Keep this in mind when making your team schedule: All schedules have one thing in common – they are flexible and tell the employee what needs to be accomplished during a given workday.

Put the team building program in a visible place. If you want to grab the eye, decorate it. Make it colourful and bright. You can even put stickers with your team building ideas on it!

Team volunteering

In team-volunteering, participants:

  • help others
  • improve themselves as individuals
  • feel part of a cohesive community

This type of bonding is different from other team building activities. People feel good about helping others. The team sees the results of the collective efforts and thus build a sense of mutual success.

You can find many team building ideas on how to participate in real community projects at the volunteering platforms such as UNV, Volunteer Match, Volunteer World, Do Something or Catch A Fire.

Colleagues go through the process of setting and achieving goals as one. They realize that together they can achieve a lot.

Team volunteering


Encourage collaboration, not competition

If the games have a competitive element, some employees will focus their efforts on winning to such an extent that they may not be able to benefit from the facilitation.

Select team building activities that encourage the team to work together. Let the focus be on exceeding one’s capabilities, not those of other colleagues.

A good deed brightens a dark world

As a manager, it’s important to monitor team members’ performance and help them improve. But encouraging their efforts is another thing you should do. When any of the team members do their best to achieve the goals, reward them.

This should in no way impair the dignity of the rest of the team. The goal is to build a model of positive behaviour and value system:

  • responsiveness
  • industriousness
  • perseverance
  • responsibility

It will become part of the business culture and will guide the actions of everyone.

Team building ideas to encourage

Low employee engagement leads to:

  • low revenue
  • poor results
  • low quality of service

An actively engaged employee is more productive. He is inclined to work harder and believes that what he does has value. Such employees can increase the productivity of the corporation by up to 200%.

Let’s illustrate our emotions

Sometimes words are not enough to express our feelings. Sometimes we need a pencil and a sketchbook.

One of the KissTheFrogNOW decks includes 30 illustrations. Each of them can reveal how the individual feels about belonging to the team, and how they are connected to others. You can understand what qualities each one appreciates about the others. The drawings reveal their personalities.

Take care of each other

One of the easiest ways to connect with people is to spend more time with them. Schedule meetings with your team members. Spend time with them and discuss:

  • what challenges do they face
  • what projects are they working on
  • what ideas do they have

With KissTheFrogNOW you can hold these discussions both individually or in small groups. The PersonalQuestions deck consists of 30 cards designed to improve communication and help members get to know each other.

Use a suggestion system

Workers must be respected. They need to know that their opinion is valued. Make a proposal system for your team. This way employees will be able to share ideas, suggestions, observations on the business processes, and teamwork.

How do you create a proposal system? With a cardboard box, pen, and cards to write on. To submit their ideas a person should write them on a card and put it inside the box. Put your system in on a central place and notify your colleagues about it. Schedule time to review and discuss proposals.

ADVICE: Make sure participants’ anonymity is guaranteed.

Expand teams’ potential

Allow team members to get to know the different parts of the company. Let colleagues change roles for a day. You can gather two company departments for a joint session. Invite a colleague to an event he hasn’t attended before. This approach will make people feel like an important part of the business and help them accumulate knowledge.

Have fun brainstorming

During team meetings, dedicate time for open discussion. Teammates can use this opportunity to share:

  • ideas
  • solutions to challenges
  • interesting projects
  • ideas for new initiatives

During brainstorming sessions let the team lead the conversation. This is an opportunity for shy team members to express their thoughts and collaborate with their colleagues. In the end list all the ideas and organize them on different topics. They will be reviewed, considered, and eventually implemented later.

Have fun team building ideas


Encourage the team to keep grinding

Let’s recall the model. So far, you have been able to motivate the team to take action and be active. We made the development process super fun. You must now encourage people to continue following this process. At some point, it will become part of them and their improvement.

Mutual respect and recognition

Recognition is an important psychological need. Being respected in the workplace is just as important considering the number of hours we spend there.

We are happier when we are respected and help others. Peer recognition encourages collaboration. When employees have the confidence and appreciation of their colleagues, they put more effort into working with them. A simple ‘Thank you!’ Or ‘Good job!’ can have a lasting positive effect on relationships and teamwork.

You can go even further with your team by making a board of acknowledgement where colleagues can pin motivational quotes and inspiring quotes.

Travelling trophy

Travelling trophy is an effective method as it works both individually and at a group level. The idea of this activity is to acknowledge team members for their:

  • positive impact
  • achievements
  • creativity
  • ideas

You do this by giving a trophy. It doesn’t have to be something big and glamourous. Even a small teddy bear will be enough. Set the criteria for winning and explain them to the team. It is up to you how often to award the trophy.

Team building celebration

Everyone loves to celebrate. Whether you have achieved all your smaller goals or completed a major project, both are worthy of recognition.

Celebrations allow the whole team to gather and raise a toast for the hard work. Having fun is very important in forming a corporate culture. Not only is this a great way to build professional and personal relationships between colleagues, but it can also be a break from sitting at the desk all day.

Get up, move around, and have fun! Combine team building ideas. Diversify serious activities with some goofy games. Team building should be effective, but fun.

by Vasilena Vasileva

A firm believer in team culture, creative team-building games & that inspiration comes within.



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