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Mental health – one of the most pressing issues in today’s world

Mental health is a serious issue that affects one’s overall well-being. Mental health is a global epidemic. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 300 million people around the world are suffering from mental illness. It has been recognised as an important area of concern, with many people now aware of the benefits of promoting mental health.

Mental health includes our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. It also encompasses physical and psychological aspects of our being.

When we are mentally healthy, our thoughts are clear and calm, we have healthy relationships with other people, a positive outlook on life, and feel confident about ourselves. When mental health declines, it can manifest in feelings such as sadness or anger or discontentment with life in general through to more severe conditions such as clinical and or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Mental health problems are not just about experiencing an episode of depression or anxiety. And it can also be about how you deal with life, your relationships and your environment. It is estimated that 25% of European citizens will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. This number may seem shockingly high, but it can also serve to raise awareness on this topic.

A growing concern in today’s society

There is growing recognition of the relative importance of promoting mental well-being and preventing the onset of mental disorders in society. The most recognised of all work-related health problems are described as stress, depression or anxiety. These work-related health problems bring about increasing levels of absenteeism, unemployment and long term disability claims. The evidence shows clearly that work-related stress and psychosocial issues lead to increased absenteeism and staff turnover rates.

It has been calculated that each case of stress-related ill health leads to an average of 30.9 working days lost.

Research has found that people with mental health problems are more likely to have trouble in the workplace. This can lead to absenteeism, unemployment and long-term disability. But if someone’s mental health problem is causing them to miss work, then employers need to understand that it’s not just because of a lack of motivation or commitment to the job.


Happy and healthy

To be happy and healthy, one needs a job that they enjoy. The need for a job that pays a living wage and has a supportive work environment is a vital part of the equation. There is evidence that mental health problems are more common among those who are unemployed or have low-paying jobs and those who work long hours or in stressful conditions.

One of the most critical aspects of mental health is self-esteem. Research has shown that people with higher levels of self-esteem have lower rates of depression and anxiety and better physical health. This is because people with high self-esteem tend to have better social support networks, be more resilient to stressors, and feel more competent in their environment – all factors which contribute to good mental health.


Mental ill-health factors

But work can also contribute to the development of mental ill-health through poor working conditions and work organisation issues.

Mental ill-health can be caused by a range of factors, including:

  • Stressful work
  • The unpleasant social environment at work
  • Unclear duties, lack of autonomy and control over job tasks
  • Lack of support from colleagues, managers and others at work.

The mental health of a worker is an important factor in the production and performance of an individual. A healthy workplace will foster a good sense of responsibility, respect and mutual support among all staff members. Workers who feel valued will, in turn, value the company they work for.

It takes a keen eye to spot the signs of someone struggling to maintain their mental well-being. But the effects of mental health affect not just the individual but the people around them too. It is a daunting task for many managers to determine whether a subordinate might be struggling with mental health issues. To combat this problem, some companies have introduced programs that have proven effective in helping managers identify and support those struggling with mental health issues.

These programs usually require managers to undergo training about recognising the signs of an employee’s deteriorating mental health and how to offer help. They also need guidance on how best to work with HR departments and policies for employees who experience workplace violence.


Discover the power of empathy

Empathy is an essential skill for a manager to develop. This empathy can be used as a stress antidote and contribute to positive experiences for individuals and teams. An empathetic manager can use their understanding of others to create a space where people feel safe and welcome and create an environment with less stress.

It is easy to say that empathy is essential, but it’s hard to do it in practice. It requires self-awareness, mental commitment, emotional intelligence.

KissTheFrogNOW is also designed to help you get to know and understand your teammates better. The team building games inside the tool further the feeling of belonging to the group. Mimicking and practising confrontation that is not harmful to anyone give a great inside into your coworkers’ minds and help you on your journey to being the best team possible! With enough practice, you will become able to manage your own and your colleagues’ feelings and be the best member your team requires!

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KissTheFrogNOW launch party box

KissTheFrogNOW could help

Team-building activities encourage cooperation and communication, strengthening team members relationships and collaboration in the workplace. The more connected teams are to each other, the more effectively they can work together. Creating a shared experience will strengthen the trust within your teams and assist in promoting the company’s values – teamwork, sharing of knowledge, individual responsibility, and diversity.

The carefully chosen team-building activities will help team members feel valued and further develop positive relationships, bringing teammates closer together, encouraging communication and fair collaboration.

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KissTheFrogNOW games are designed to raise emotional intelligence and improve communication skills. In our wooden box, there are 4 decks, each with a different theme – TeamGames, PersonalQuestions, Discussions, Illustrations. We recommend the combination with the other decks because KissTheFrogNOW is a complete system to practice emotional intelligence.

You can use the games at TeamGames to help team members get to know each other better, improve teamwork, encourage creativity, improve concentration, or just bond your team.

Including the deck PersonalQuestions in your sessions will spur creativity, help participants learn more about each other, and provide them with a different point of view.

The Discussions deck aim to reinforce a team’s understanding of the strength of a common position. With the Discussions deck, your team members will learn to find a common solution, work on debating skills, and practice mediation.

The Illustration deck include 30 incredible illustrations that will help participants explore their emotions. Use the Illustrations in your session if you want to encourage team members to express their emotions, find moments of recognition and build a sense of group identity.

As an easy-to-use tool for team development, KissTheFrogNOW could be included in a companies wellbeing programs. One of the first steps toward utilising emotional intelligence skills in the workplace is to practice recognising your own emotions and your team members emotions. We often project our emotional state onto others, and it can lead us to make bad decisions, bad feelings, and overall is not desirable for the team mentality health.

Some people are born with the ability to read other people’s emotions, social cues, and body language – they are called “empaths”. But for those who are not empaths, understanding what the other party is feeling can be difficult.

KissTheFrogNOW box

How to use KisstheFrogNOW

For example, handling short-format workshops with KissTheFrogNOW would help the office community to revive social and empathy between participants. People are different, and some of us have difficulties reading others’ body language or social cues. People often face mental health problems because they do not know how to read their feelings accurately if they cannot read the feelings of others.

So that is why we creat the KissTheFrogNOW tool – to build vital emotional intelligence and develop team empathy! All of our exercises are designed by professional facilitators, psychologists and psychotherapists. They could be used in different cases, including activities after getting back to work from your office, new teams formations, reorganisation of org units, ext.

KissTheFrogNOW session within 2 to 3 hours will show the strong support of the organisation to the people, as well as will strengthen the relations between the employees. Look at our ready-to-use and free team-building canvas and select a pre-made team building design depending on the group size, whether the participants are familiar, or the benefits you are looking for. All KissTheFrogNOW tool activities are easy to implement by yourself. As soon as you pass our introductory training, you could facilitate the sessions with your colleagues.

KTFN team

And if I don’t have time to design a team-building session?

Our facilitators could also create different KissTheFrogNOW team-building canvas designs, different for each of the workshops held at your company. Each session could be of the same or with duration, with various activities and internal dynamics, which will ensure an excellent experience and will implement more creative processes and practices to drive employee engagement. We could present team-building canvas designs that could be reviewed in advance and aligned according to employees needs.

A short post-workshop survey will let participants give us an overall assessment of the experience and offer more specific feedback on whether the sessions were found valuable, what participants liked and disliked, and how the facilitators did. In addition, it examines the quality of the social experience and emotional engagement as well as the logistics of the sessions so that we can make more informed decisions for future sessions.

So, is KissTheFrogNOW a good fit for you and your team? Book a meeting, and let’s find out!

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