How To Use Team Building Office Games The Right Way [Astonishing Results]

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The workplace has undergone major changes in recent years. Nine-hour workdays spent hunched over a desk are now a thing of the past. Today, businesses are implementing a more open, collaborative, and flexible approach to working.

Despite the change, employees remain at the core of every company. All teams need to be able to adapt to the working environment to thrive in today’s business landscape. This is where team building comes in handy.

It is a key tool in the modern workplace. Here are some reasons why:

Improved communication between team members

Flexible work schedules are an integral part of today’s workplace, along with digital devices. But team members working in multiple locations are at risk of communication breakdown.

Team building gives teams a chance to reunite. Different departments may mix, office-based employees can meet with colleagues working remotely. In other words, you’ll establish a continuous connection.

Performing tasks together will help strengthen relationships and make employees feel more confident about working together.


Improving manager employee relationships


Improving manager-employee relationships

Managers are the backbone of the team. Effective leadership requires that they have the trust and respect of every employee.

Team development is an opportunity for managers to show their friendly side. The more time you spend with employees, the more approachable you are. It will be easier for people to trust you once they get to know you.

Team building is also an opportunity for discovering people’s hidden talents. Some of your team members may be a great strategist or have strong leadership skills. Why not help them develop these abilities and apply them in a work environment?

Take care of the corporate culture

Creating a strong workplace culture is more important than ever. It embraces the company’s personality, values, and ethics. This is one of the most unique features of your business that sets it apart from the rest.

Besides, team building activities and strong culture will help the business attract and retain talents. People choose companies that put their staff first.

Make it fun. Diversify office team building games

The team members sighed spiritless at the thought of the upcoming team building session.

Don’t let this happen to your team!

You can make things more nuanced and engaging by including activities that people find fun. Diversify your work schedule with different team-building office games.

It doesn’t take much to let your imagination run wild and have some fun. Give employees a chance to leave their jobs aside and get rid of stress.


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Swap roles

Visiting other departments throughout the workday might be a great idea. Teams are always curious to know what others are doing.

Introduce them to the different tasks and operations that the other teams execute. Sharing experience with another department allows colleagues to take part in a group team building.

It enhances cross-sector collaboration and offers people the chance to explore new career paths.

Break the ice

Ice breakers are effective for both new teams and long-time colleagues. It helps employees get to know each other and improve their ability to communicate.

With a 5 minute icebreaker, you can create a friendly environment and reduce the tension. You can play this office game during lunch breaks, office breaks, or after the workday.

Create office clubs

Employees that are working together or in a separate department can form clubs according to shared interests. This is suitable for large corporations but can be used for small teams as well.

You can participate in more than one club. Everyone will have the opportunity to try them all.

For example:

  • On Wednesday, you will join the reading club for a discussion on the last book by Daniel Steele
  • On Friday you will embark on a culinary adventure with colleagues from the cooking club

Get creative

Even 20 minutes will be enough to get the team involved in some arts and crafts office games. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen.

Start with some of these questions to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Draw your favourite cartoon character from your childhood
  • Illustrate your emotions
  • Write a poem or song
  • Dedicate a short letter to someone
  • Scratch for a few minutes without putting much thought into the process.

One of our favourite creative activities is drawing. When you let the pencil guide the sheet, the shapes appear as a window to a person’s soul. Through it, participants can explore their attitudes, express emotions, and share them with the rest of the team.

This is how we designed KissTheFrogNow Illustrations Deck – with art in our hearts.


KissTheFrogNow Illustrations Deck scaled


Allow the team to lead

Group coaching from a senior manager is another team building idea. Employees will learn new skills while maintaining relationships with colleagues. Make things more interesting by involving team members who have:

  • lots of experience
  • specific skills
  • a desire to share their knowledge with others

This training method will strengthen the bond between you and your team. Support the employees and encourage them to constantly develop their skills.

Take time for self-reflection

Sometimes the team will not be in the mood for dynamic office games. In these situations, it is appropriate to include a more in-depth approach to team building.

During your regular breaks, take time for professional and personal conversations. Team members will have a chance to share the success of the past week, as well as their goals for the upcoming.

Sharing personal experience and dedicating time to self-reflection can bring the team together more than any other activity. They foster trust and respect among members.

Office workdays may get long and boring. What is the best cure for boredom? Throwing a party with some games. They work well during meetings, at lunch, and at any time to lift your mood.

Party games can be designed for both large and small groups. The goal is to:

  • get teammates to get to know each other
  • create a relaxed atmosphere
  • nurture relationships

Raise the stakes

Some of the games may include challenges or competitive elements. Add rewards to make things more exciting.

For example:

Organize a monthly brainstorming session with all employees. Encourage them to think outside the box.

Everyone will have the opportunity to present their ideas to others. They’ll have to work as a team to solve a problem. Each employee whose solution is chosen will be awarded a prize.

Recognition can come in the form of kind words, a photo in the company’s internal newsletter describing the achievement or a celebration.

Don’t go overboard with the rewards. There is nothing wrong with incorporating the racing spirit into the sessions. However, try to maintain a balance between happy colleagues and acknowledged winners.


Instead of a conclusion Create a tradition


Instead of a conclusion: Create a tradition

Put teamwork traditions at the heart of business culture.

Organize team gatherings, spend time together after work, go to excursions. Office games are only part of the dozens of options.

It may not sound so exciting at first, but this approach will help your team get closer with time.

Even the most trivial practices can do wonders in developing a team that communicates and works together at a deeper level.

Teamwork is not something that you can force co-workers to do. It will naturally occur when there is a healthy workplace culture where:

  • employees are treated fairly
  • there is mutual respect

With the right tools and a good team-building plan, your office will be happier, work better together, and be more productive.

by Vasilena Vasileva

A firm believer in team culture, creative team-building games & that inspiration comes within.



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