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Discover what sustainable team growth really looks like with team-building insights shared every month. Find out HR tips & tricks from our blog!

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Find out our ready-to-use and free team-building canvas!

Select a pre-made KissTheFrogNOW team building design depending on time, the group size, the benefits, or the deck you would like to use!

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Are you leading with empathy?

Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions. Empathy can improve leadership ability and facilitate effective communication. Our 10-question quiz reveals how likely you are to lead with empathy.

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What do professionals say about KissTheFrogNOW

People change when they want to change. They don’t change because somebody wants them to change.

Plamen Petrov – Leadership Trainer, Book Author and Podcaster with 600+ episodes

KissTheFrogNOW Certification COURSE

You will learn how to use KissTheFrogNOW and how the practice of team empathy enriches the workplace!

What you’ll learn to understand how practising with the tool, create positive interpersonal relationships, increase the sense of belonging in the workplace, improve work efficiency, bond your team members and develop team empathy.

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How to obtain KissTheFrogNOW Certificate?

You need to join the course and complete all the parts, attempt the test – please do answer all questions and achieve an overall score of at least 80%.

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