KissTheFrogNOW Certification course


KissTheFrogNOW Certification course

You will learn how to use KissTheFrogNOW and how the practice of team empathy enriches the workplace!

What you’ll learn

  • understand how practising with the tool;
  • create positive interpersonal relationships;
  • increase the sense of belonging in the workplace;
  • improve work efficiency;
  • bond your team members;
  • develop team empathy.

How to obtain KissTheFrogNOW Certificate?

You need to:

  • join the course and complete all the parts;
  • attempt the test – please do answer all questions;
  • achieve an overall score of at least 80%.
Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. What is KissTheFrogNOW?

Part 3. Inside the box

Part 4. What you should be aware of when planning

Part 5. The power of TeamGames

Part 6. The Power of PersonalQuestions

Part 7. The power of Discussions

Part 8. The power of Illustrations

Part 9. Create a session design that is tailored to your aims and time

Part 10. KissTheFrogNOW team totem