What is KissTheFrogNOW?

KissTheFrogNOW is a creative and easy-to-use tool for avoiding disunion at the workplace. Develop your team’s emotional intelligence and empathy while having fun!

KissTheFrogNOW is in a wooden box with 4 decks, each with 30 main cards and 1 explanatory card. Each card deck is with a different theme – TeamGames, PersonalQuestions, Discussions, Illustrations.

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wTG 1

The cards in this deck include 30 games designed to raise emotional intelligence and improve communication skills.

Use TeamGames to:

  • help team members get to know each other better
  • improve teamwork
  • encourage creativity
  • work on concentration
  • bond your team

The deck is suitable for work teams, family gatherings, friends groups, and other communities.

wPQ 1
The cards in this deck include 30 questions that develop trust between participants and establish common ground.

Include PersonalQuestions in your sessions to:

  • spur creativity
  • learn more about each other
  • arouse curiosity
  • provide a different point of view
  • have fun

Suitable for work teams, family, and friends.

wD 1
The cards in this deck include 30 debate games that aim to reinforce a team’s understanding of the strength of a common position.

With Discussions deck your team members will:

  • learn to find a solution
  • work on debating skills
  • practice mediation
  • establish mutual respect
  • improve the way they formulate an opinion

Suitable for work teams, family or friends.

wI 1
The cards in this deck include 30 incredible illustrations that will help participants explore their emotions.

Use the Illustrations in your session if you want to encourage team members to:

  • express their emotions
  • improve group dynamics
  • find moments of recognition
  • build a sense of group identity

Suitable for work teams, family, or friends.

The tool is accompanied by:

  • a guideline book;
  • a bag with 3 sets of 6 colourful crayons each;
  • a bag with a team totem set of 24 separate parts;
  • blank paper notes;
  • a magic tables card.
500x500 crayons 04
500x500 puzz 02
500x500 puzz 01

Good to know

KissTheFrogNOW team totem is one of the most amazing parts of the tool. You can use it for both:

  1. split participants into smaller groups or in pairs – use the different token shapes as small and big triangles, squares and circles and deal them out to each of the teams
  2. team reflection – your team can use the token shapes to build a team totem 3D sculpture as a reflection of the emotions during facilitation. It’s a fun and effective way to create your own symbol of cohesiveness.

Who can benefit from KissTheFrogNOW?

Are you an HR professional, manager, group leader? Or maybe a business coach, trainer, consultant?

It doesn’t matter if you are an HR professional or manager. A group leader or business coach. A trainer or consultant.

If you are aiming to explore your team’s full potential and work better together, then KissTheFrogNOW is going to help you reach those goals.

It’s a powerful tool for team building and leadership development. You can adapt it for different group sizes, objectives, and themes. Plus, it’s fun!

LOGO Kiss The Frog NOW Black scaled

How to use KissTheFrogNOW

You have countless possibilities – over 💥 10 000 different cards combination and more than 110 hours of facilitation and team-building sessions!

It’s easy. All you need is to combine the cards according to your team needs.

With our magic tables card, you can design your sessions in no time:

  • by type of game-opening, main or ending game;
  • by the time needed – 20, 30, 40 and 60 mins;
  • by how to play – in pairs, in separate groups or by the whole group;
  • by the game benefits – getting to know each other, developing communicative skills, finding collective solutions, concentration, promoting creativity and innovation.

KissTheFrogNOW can also work in different sized groups.

Select a pre-made team building design – try now our Team Building Canvas for free!

800x800 combination

The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things. Hans Christian Andersen

Inside the box

  • a guideline book
  • a wooden box with card slots
  • a deck of cards TeamGames with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards PersonalQuestions with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards Discussions with 30 main cards
  • a deck of cards Illustrations with 30 main cards
  • a bag with 3 sets of 6 crayons each
  • a bag with a team totem set of 24 separate parts
  • a blank paper notes
  • a magic tables card

What do real people say about KissTheFrogNOW

People change when they want to change. They don’t change because somebody wants them to change.
And I think this is a very elegant, very human way for teams to transform and change.

Plamen Petrov – Leadership Trainer, Book Author and Podcaster with 600+ episodes

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a trainer in productivity and efficiency, and I often do trainings for teams. I use Kiss the Frog Now as a tool to help break the ice and facilitate the group bonding process in all stages of training.
I can honestly say I haven’t found a single thing to criticize about this product.
It works very well, and all games and activities you can do with it are well accepted by the people whom I train. I often receive feedback that the games were very memorable and people felt great playing them. Last but not least, the look and feel of the box and cards are amazing.
For me as a trainer the tool is very convenient: it has everything I need in one neat box, including a list of ideas and recommendations for each activity, its duration and ways it can be used and adapted to the specifics of each group. It has greatly expanded my creativity, and it helps me improve my trainings while focusing on the main content and not spending too long on developing games and activities – I already have them all in one box, I just have to choose the right ones.

Silvina Furnadzhieva

Productivity Consultant, Project Manager & Online Marketer, Super Productivity

In our last team building, we chose to build the whole experience of our colleagues around the magic box of KissTheFrogNOW. And we did not make a mistake! A unique combination of fun, emotions, tears and confusion. This box gave us many unforgettable moments with each other. We met, shared sincere and were inspired for much more success for the becoming 2021. I highly recommend to every company and team!
Biliana Kutseva

Managing Partner, Stabil Agro Trade

Amazing tool for effective teambuilding. Something straight out-of-the-box 🙂 Highly recommend.
Ivan Bondokov

Co-founder, Limacon

An advice: check this great tool for team building!!!
Sylvain Collot

Regional Site manager East Europe & Global OPS Strategic Manager, MELEXIS



The tool is absolutely amazing – so beautiful and useful! 🤩 I am amazed by the depth of knowledge and creativity that the team put in its development. You can see their devotion in every small detail. The box itself is a masterpiece – we have so much fun using it and I strongly recommend it to all HR professionals and team leaders. A must-have!
Karina Karagaeva

Managing Partner & Mindset Designer, Human Business Studio

Highly recommend – useful and very interesting!
Iliana Georgieva

Founder & Chief executive officer, Green Industry, Innovations and Technology Transfer Foundation

It is so exciting to receive this amazing gift from KissTheFrogNOW!
This box is an inspirational tool that can help you to engage your employees and build a great team spirit. Just define your goal, pick up the suitable card, interact with the team and reflect on the result!
Iva Nikolova

HR Manager, Anakatech - Scratch games and Slot software