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7 reviews for KissTheFrogNOW

  1. Biliana Kutseva Managing Partner, Stabil Agro Trade

    In our last team building, we chose to build the whole experience of our colleagues around the magic box of KissTheFrogNOW. And we did not make a mistake! A unique combination of fun, emotions, tears and confusion. This box gave us many unforgettable moments with each other. We met, shared sincere and were inspired for much more success for the becoming 2021. I highly recommend to every company and team!

  2. Karina Karagaeva

    The tool is absolutely amazing – so beautiful and useful! I am amazed by the depth of knowledge and creativity that the team put in its development. You can see their devotion in every small detail. The box itself is a masterpiece – we have so much fun using it and I strongly recommend it to all HR professionals and team leaders. A must-have!

  3. Silvina Furnadzhieva (verified owner)

    I am a trainer in productivity and efficiency, and I often do trainings for teams. I use Kiss the Frog Now as a tool to help break the ice and facilitate the group bonding process in all stages of training.

    I can honestly say I haven’t found a single thing to criticize about this product.
    It works very well, and all games and activities you can do with it are well accepted by the people whom I train. I often receive feedback that the games were very memorable and people felt great playing them. Last but not least, the look and feel of the box and cards are amazing.

    For me as a trainer the tool is very convenient: it has everything I need in one neat box, including a list of ideas and recommendations for each activity, its duration and ways it can be used and adapted to the specifics of each group. It has greatly expanded my creativity, and it helps me improve my trainings while focusing on the main content and not spending too long on developing games and activities – I already have them all in one box, I just have to choose the right ones.

  4. Iva Nikolova (verified owner)

    It is so exciting to receive this amazing gift from KissTheFrogNOW!
    This box is an inspirational tool that can help you to engage your employees and build a great team spirit. Just define your goal, pick up the suitable card, interact with the team and reflect on the result!

  5. Iliana Georgieva (verified owner)

    Highly recommend – usefull and very interesting!

  6. Ivan Bondokov (verified owner)

    Amazing tool for effective teambuidling. Something straight out-of-the-box Highly recommend!

  7. Sylvain Collot (verified owner)

    An advice: check this great tool for team building!!!

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