Team-building canvas

Find out our ready-to-use and free team-building canvas!

Select a pre-made team building design depending on the group size, whether the participants familiar with each other or not, the benefits you are looking for or the deck you would like to use!

  • Group size

  • Time required

  • Benefits

  • Group state

  • Decks used

  • Tags

A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other. Simon Sinek

Team-building Canvas are for:

Trainers, Consultants and Business Coaches

  • debate skills development games
  • developing trust games
  • creativity development games
  • concentration-relate games
  • movement-related games
  • drawing related games
  • storytelling related games

HR Professionals & Internal trainers

  • building a new team
  • merging teams
  • new employee introduction
  • new team leader introduction
  • team leaderboard promotion
  • team meeting setting
  • presentation of team position training

Entrepreneurs and Business owners

  • team building
  • celebrating success
  • celebrating good results
  • celebrating anniversaries
  • celebrating awards
  • party time activities
  • stress reduction games